Kenai Peninsula Soccer Club Inc is a nonprofit corporation organized solely for the purpose of promoting the sport of soccer.

The Kenai Peninsula Soccer Club (KPSC) strives to develop self-discipline, dedication and self-confidence in each athlete. We believe the competitive athletic experience can enhance social development, contribute to mental and physical health and teach the values of teamwork and responsibility.  

KPSC wants to foster a lifetime appreciation of the game of soccer, teamwork, individual player progress, fun and sportsmanship.

Office Name Phone Email
President Misty Hamilton 907-598-9004
Vice President Trista Clark
Treasurer Krista Pitsch
Secretary Michele Olson
Updated 1/27/15

Board of Directors
Director Name Phone Email Term
1A Misty Hamilton 907-598-9004 2012-15
1B Trista Clark 907-260-1163 2012-15
1C Cherrie Verkuillen 2013-16
2A Michelle Olson 2014-17
2C Michelle Blackwell 2015-17
3A Joel Reemtsma 2015-17
3B Krista Pitsch 907-394-2124 2013-15
3C Christie Holmes 907-252-3139 2015-17
3D Sara Bieber 2015-17

Updated 12/27/15

Other Positions
Position Name Phone Email
Registrar - interim Christie Holmes 907-252-3139
District Commissioner (vacant)
Director of Coaching (vacant)
Equipment Manager (vacant)
League Scheduler (vacant)
Director of Officials (vacant)
Updated 12/27/2015